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by Alexis Leibbrandt

The collaboration between Küdaw and akenza is a door opener for both parties to new markets - more than just a perfect technological fit. As a leading source of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions Küdaw will trust Akenza Core as one of their data stream sources to make sense out of millions of datasets. akenza is now in a position to bring great Analytics and AI technology to its partners and customers.

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Statement of Küdaw

“Smart use of data, coming from multiple sources -structure and non-structured- is just beginning. Multiple companies and cities around the world are starting to drastically improve their performance using data driven solutions that allow them to get better results in multiple areas IoT is a key data source that allow to know and manage business in a way that simply wasn’t possible before. With our partnership with akenza - a leading IoT integration- we drastically enhance our ability to deploy business solution in multiple industries. The collaboration with akenza gives Küdaw the chance boost our Big Data and Artificial Intelligence based solutions to offer best of bread business solutions for data driven companies and cities.”
Ruben Farias Sasia, Executive Director at Küdaw
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Statement of akenza

"We are thrilled to cooperate with Küdaw - a leading source of analytics and AI technology and clearly technology leaders in their field. Küdaws intelligent systems create even more value on top of our smart solutions and are a great fit for us on our mission to provide very sophisticated solutions to our customer base. The collaboration with Küdaw gives akenza the chance to approach the Latin American market and prove its competency overseas."
Michael Poglonik, Partner Manager at akenza
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For more details about partnerships with akenza do not hesitate to get in contact with our Partner Manager, [email protected] / +41 44 309 18 18.

About Küdaw

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Küdaw, a leader in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is a technology , committed to deliver fast and cost effective solutions to from different business areas (marketing, production, service, security) in multiples industries, allowing to exploit the hidden value of data to evolve your business with innovative data driven solutions.

Küdaw SmartBigData is an agnostic set of ready to use solutions, designed to help companies and cities to become data driven institutions, based on real-time and smart analytics. Küdaw SmartBigData combine methodologies and data science tools and expertise, to allow customer to solve often complex problems with state of the art approach, getting maximum business value from available data, independently of the source.

Founded in 2010 by Latin American based digital leaders, Küdaw is headquartered in Santiago with operations in Chile, Perú and Colombia.

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