Enabling Smart City Zurich Together with ewz & Microsoft

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by Alexis Leibbrandt

We are so proud! The Akenza Core is the brain of the new ecosystem of the digital City of Zurich. We have now released the IoT infrastructure system for the city which is a strategic milestone for many smart city use cases to come. We are very proud to present this great case of collaboration and easy deployment for any aspiring smart city in Switzerland and abroad. With this project, we are starting to truly make IoT simple for each and everyone -with our great partners Microsoft and ewz.

Check out our video on building the first steps to a #smartcityzurich

"I believe ewz, akenza, and Microsoft have developed the perfect ecosystem to meet the demands of a smart city for Zurich. As a resident of Zurich - and as a true believer in the potential of IoT for enhanced quality of life, resource optimization and sustainability - this is a truly great moment for me. If we can make Zurich smart, we can do it with all the cities out there!"
Vikram Bhatnagar, CEO akenza

Looking for an IoT solution for your city? Meet the Akenza Core: akenza.com/technology

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