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by Alexis Leibbrandt

Our recent product update introduced several new features to the platform to support a broader range of use cases and make it more accessible to businesses of all sizes. To that end, the team is excited to announce a number of changes to the platform's pricing model that will make it easier for businesses to scale as their IoT projects and needs grow.

Multi-currency support

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of additional currencies for pricing. Previously, the akenza platform was priced exclusively in Swiss Francs, but with the new update, businesses can now choose to pay in either USD or EUR. This will make it easier for companies, regardless of their location, to sign up for the platform and take advantage of its many features.

Saving money with the annual subscription

Another key change is the introduction of a discount on annual subscriptions. Businesses that sign up for an annual subscription will now receive a discount on their subscription fees. This will make it more cost-effective for companies planning to use the platform long-term.

An Elemental plan on steroids

In addition to this, we also made more features available on the Elemental plan. This means that people just starting with IoT can take advantage of more of the platform's capabilities without committing to a higher-tier plan.

  • Unlimited connectivity integrations
  • Access to all connectivity protocols
  • Custom Device Types

Updated data retention

Finally, the cost per device per month has been adjusted and is now substantially cheaper on the Elemental and Advanced plans. In addition to the price reduction, we are introducing volume discounts on larger quantities which should satisfy large projects.

This comes with a new data retention and storage pricing model. Instead of a flat fee, businesses will now be charged based on their usage. Specifically, companies will be charged based on the amount of data they are sending to the platform and how long they want to retain that data. This will make it more flexible for businesses to manage their data storage needs and ensure they are only paying for what they need.

This change offers fair pricing to all users, allowing a low-cost entry for small projects and a scalable model for growing projects.

To update your subscription, go to the subscription page in your organization and choose the suitable plan for your project. We are happy to support you in choosing the right plan for your organization. Contact us directly and we will help you with the process.

Check out our pricing page for a detailed view of our current pricing.