Reorganization of the Akenza AG Management

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Company news
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by Alexis Leibbrandt

akenza is pleased to announce the appointment of Jonas Schmid & Simon Rieser as the new Co-CEOs of akenza. Vikram Bhatnagar, co-founder and member of the Board of akenza AG has successfully served the company for almost 3 years since its founding. We salute Vikram for his vision, tenacity, commitment, and drive for all that he has done for akenza, he will continue to be a pillar to the company as a strategic adviser and member of the Board.

As we walk into the second quarter of 2020 akenza will now be shaped by the leadership of Jonas Schmid who serves as Co-CEO & VP Business together with Simon Rieser as Co-CEO & VP Product. Both come with vast business and technology experience that will complement the vision for our company going forward.

Reorganisation of the akenza ag management 1

Jonas Schmid (l), new VP Business and Co-CEO & Simon Rieser (r), VP Product and Co-CEO

Both Jonas and Simon, have worked closely with Vikram since its formation in 2017. The Board has aligned on the next chapter for Akenza and Vikram Bhatnagar is honored to pass the baton to his trusted colleagues.

With the support of the Board of Directors and under the new leadership the company is looking to deepen akenza’s work in existing markets and to further new business opportunities globally nurturing prosperity and growth. This decision has no effect on the ownership of akenza.