Sustainable Value for the Future with Live Track

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by Alexis Leibbrandt

The partner collaboration between Live Track and Akenza is a commitment to optimise waste management and logistics for a more efficient and data driven operation mastered with the power of IoT. Akenza Core enables LoRaWAN and NB-IoT Connectivity and Device Management for Live Tracks smart waste solution. Companies and communities can all benefit from intelligent waste management systems and logistics using the Live Track solution.

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"Partnering within an ecosystem is important as a lean-startup to provide a reliable value-proposition to our customers. Akenza is a key-partner."
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Yetvart Artenoglu, CEO at Live Track

"Akenza and Live Track are a powerful and sustainable combination allowing companies and cities to develop efficiently and effectively with a simple solution providing all IoT needs. Enabling IoT innovations such as the smart waste solution of Live Track are key to our strategy and we look forward to expanding our partnership further."
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Jonas Schmid, Co-CEO & VP Business at Akenza

About Live Track

Live Track AG, a Swiss start-up founded in 2019, specialised in the digitalisation of forward and backward logistics. Remote fill-levels are forecasted on the Live Track platform using IoT sensors and algorithms to avoid out-of-stock or overfill situations. Dynamic scheduling, disposition and routing (emptying-/supply-on-demand) is helping logisticians/suppliers to operate more efficiently.

The benefit: A significant cost and emission reduction in logistics amplified by increased customer satisfaction.

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